When the whether starts to get crazy about the burning sun, and when you feel that you can’t breath anymore, the light foods come as a helper with a kind assistance. Sandwiches are one of the best options for food in hot summer days. So we are listing the best club sandwiches for your health when you savor your day in a spoiling spa.

Widder Hotel, Zurich, Switzerland

In Widder Hotel, if you are hungry enough, absolutely you can order a club sandwich. Because you will feel full after you eat the Gargantuan portion. Lettuce and tomato will accompany your sweet journey when you scour your juicy chicken. It is served with a larger bowl of piping-hot chips, ketchup and mayonnaise. This is pure heaven if you like a large appetite.

Ritz London

This square cut sandwich will surprise you with a choice of either white or brown bread. It is lightly toasted and the crispy lettuce, sliced tender chicken and sweet tomatoes are placed softly in it.
While you chew your dream bite, the smash avocado’s amazing greenness can be squirt happily with the lemon mayonnaise which can show up smeared in between decks. Ritz Royal English will build your dream sandwich.

Four Seasons Jumeirah Beach, Dubai

If you have never seen the supermodel club sandwiches before, now you could. In here, the rectangle cuts create the perfection for a sandwich. The sandwich is grilled in a panini toaster and because of this your toast will be slimmer than usual. Juicy sliced turkey or spooky beef bacon or fried egg or tomato jam… These are the heroes of the sandwich.

The Upper House, Hong Kong
US$ 23

The Upper House, presents us one of the best turkey club sandwich, because it is perfect in an unusual way, with soicy mayonnaise made with cayenne pepper and paprika. All of these add unbelievable value and taste its classic flavour. Here it is, the 4 perfect symmetrical triangles of multi-grain toast, crispy bacon, juicy turkey, firm tomato, crunchy romaine lettuce and avocado.


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