Cats are low-maintenance animals than the others. But if you want to share your luxury with them, you can buy something from the list below.

1. FroliCat Bot Pet Laser Toy

All about its name! Of course any cat can be frolic when they see an acting red dot. FroliCat, a laser pointer toy that swivels and rotated atop a skittle-shaped turret. Cats will chase after the acting red dot light as it bounces off the toy’s configurable mirror and zigzag around the room. Its price is GBP 24.99

2. Motorola Scout 85

This 72op wifi video camera device help you about keeping an eye on you pet when you are away.; especially you are at work. If you have an obedient pet or sensitive against your voice, this device is totally for you and your pet! Because it has two way audio communication system. You can use the device via its cloud based application. Its price is GBP 62.80

3. Petcube

This is more funny than Motorola. Because this 3 in 1 cube has a play function which can activate a laser beam on the front of the camera. Also it can be controlled remotely via smartphone. It has sharp resolution and a bright LED for night vision. Its price is GBP 152.

4. Petsafe Scoopfree Original Sel-Cleaning Litter Box

The Petsafe uses an automatic rake which combs through the litter and dumps the dumps into a lidded compartment. Its a self-cleaning litter box. It’s price is GBP 134.99


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