Actually we don’t know that being in the water while you are in the water is such a logical movement… However, we guarantee that is really fun!

The toy genius Hammacher Schlemmer presents us an amazing vehicle which will be a must for your life in a very short time. It means that they are offering an item you didn’t know you couldn’t live without. It is an electric boat which contains s hot tub that lets you simultaneously relax and cruise and soak.

This wonder machine can lean as long as ten hours on a charge, at a speed of 5 mph and it uses 24 volt electric motor. And you can steer it using a joystick! It means that, when you sail in this vessel which contains a 4’ x 8’ pool, you can bury yourself in this two feet deep fun machine and of course you can toast.

Its capacity is 2,100 lbs. of water and it can carry six adult person.

Imagine. A floating hot tub at your marine, next to your yacht. You deserve to complete this couple!


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