After reading these words from successful and famous CEOs, you can find the inspiration which you seek for achieve the success in 2017.

1. Changing is important

Jack Ma (Alibaba group executive chairman): You shouldn’t be afraid of change. Be flexible.

2. Kindness opens the doors which you can not predict

Li-Ka Shing (Hong Kong billionaire businessmen): Treat important people. So you can learn from them and find new connections. Be kind.

3. Know your signiture

Tadashi Yanai ( The founder of clothing empire Uniqlo): First of all, you should know your brand’s identity, then you can make people happy.

4. Chasing money is not always satisfying

Mukesh Ambani ( Indian businessman and chairman of Reliance Industries Limited): Remember: just chasing money would never make you or anybody happy and successful.

5. Devil, in the details, you know

Zhou Qunfei (The world’s richest self-made woman): Pay more attention any tiny details for your job. This helps you to see that everything is done correctly.


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