I think that everybody should divert the looks to extraordinary things, no. Because everybody traveled Europe, America, Australia, and Islands already. Time to change! Don’t you think to start from Kazakhstan? We prepared a brief article about amazing Astana. This is the town President Nursultan Nazarbayev built. He had won the power for the first time in 1989.

Astana’s buildings can sway and dance, shine and scream for your dearest attention. But unfortunately, at night, after 11 LEDs are switched on.

If you want to some familiar luxury around, Ritz-Carlton will open in this month and St. Regis will open its gates in July. Also, you can stay at Rixos President which was built in 2005 and it contains five-star, most of the oil barons prefer this hotel because of the five storer-high Cascades of fairy lights and good service of luxury.

You cannot discover Astana on foot, generally, there are knee-high snow in town about six months of the year.

Here is the one recommendations for your visit:

The Shorediton Bargand Restaurant has excellent cocktails and bistro style food, you should try once at least Unfortunately, you won’t find any traditional meal in here like shuzhuk (horse meat sausage) or munis (fermented mare’s milk) But if you want to continue with the more traditional options, you can visit B.T (Bayterek Tower) with an image of Samruk, a mythical bird of happiness. It’s symbolic egg is perched on top of the Bayterek Tower. The ball aşso contains the gold hand imprint of the president. You can touch it and make a wish with His greatness.

Also, Expo 2017 will be in Astana! This organization will add spice and jest to the town.

You can fly with Air Astana and during Expo 2017, Air Astana is offering to passengers to Astana a free entry ticket to the event.

Rooms at Rixos President Hotel start at 155 Pounds per night.

Don’t forget to visit Khan Shatyr entertainment center for an enjoyable ride.


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