From March To July 2017, you should visit Bill Viola’s exhibition, he is known as the major revolutionist according to Palazzo Strozzi, in a retrospective way, in Florence.

That is art!

“Time is used to alter our perception, ” says Bill Viola who is also known as the father of video art, using a creative language for his art.

Viola and his team not only survives but also succeeded through time. He says that today is different to a large extent, because of our phone’s video capability.

This is his latest project and it takes him to Florence. His enduring digital art will be collected against masterpieces of the Renaissance period of the Palazzo Strozzi. When it is asked about new art possibilities or genres, Viola says that he is sure that developments are expanding.

As you know, Renaissance is a rebirth. If you are curious about that rebirth from the classics, this is absolutely for you. Bill Viola and Electronic Renaissance came for your kind attention.


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