Porsche 911 GT3 is one of the most glorious machine in automobile world, there is no doubt. Its 4.0-liter flat-six engine and stunningly tuned system make it incomparable.

A little time ago, Porsche Design had presented us a 3000USD Bluetooth speaker crafted out of shell of Porsche 911 GT3’s exhaust system. Now the company has launched another Bluetooth speaker which is made from a tailpipe cover.

Yes, the company produced another Bluetooth speaker and it is made using the original tailpipe cover of the 911 GT3, this time. This speaker more compact than the previous one’s launched system, this unit just includes the blacked-out high-gloss muffler tip of the twin-pipe center exhaust which is the owner-house of the speaker system.

This Porsche Bluetooth speaker’s weight is 3.3 kilograms and its measure is 290 x 155 x 120 millimeters. And also the system’s output is 60-watt and it features Bluetooth 4.0 and apt-X technology to natural basses and pure tones. It is available at the only selected Porsche Design stores and its retail price is 425EUR.


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