Montblanc has always been fan of unique and respectful art, literature and culture from other countries. This time, Montblanc’s expert craftsmanship meets the finest Japanese artistry of Chiso. This model’s name is The Montblanc Homage to Kyoto Artistry Limited Edition 55 and it was specially created with Kimono pattern in honor of the centuries-old Chiso tradition. By the way, its history is 460 years and it is the sole luxury kimono company…

The artistry of Chiso can only allow its designers to tell the most elaborate stories on silk. In this limited writing instrument edition, two scenes from the Tale of Genji was crafted. First one is the palace and bird from the famous Wakamurasaki scene, the second one is the barrel depicts Imperial carts or Gosho Guruma that accompany Genji through the various stations of his life.

For all these, Montblanc’s expert designers and craftsmen, use different techniques for crafting the scenes to the 925 Sterling Silver. The beautiful spring cherry blossoms and autumn leaves are seemed excellent on this polished and partly matt silver. Then, champagne gold color is carefully graved with a traditional Hanabishi pattern.

The nib design is inspired by the traditional Kosode which means a basic Japanese unisex robe, it had been worn during the Japanese Edo Period between 17th and 19th centuries.

This writing instrument will fit perfectly on your hand. Like a pair of silk gloves.


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