We live in a golden age of the technology. I said golden age because, newly the digitalization can find itself and take part in our lives.
Cars are the one of the biggest problem solver in our lives, even they can’t talk with us. But in this age, the cars will communicate with the driver, then eventually with the other vehicles!

The most important thing is the adaptation of the car industry in terms of autonomy. Luxury brands will have to adapt yourselves to the new autonomous world and should offer services beyond the transportation. But when the technological adaptations will increase in cars, the design part will decrease, because of the extra pieces. However we believe that the luxury brands will always be desired by people, such as Jaguar. Because these type of cars always reflect your individuality.

The widespread acceptance of electric cars will happen in next ten days. As we mentioned above, the customer have the tendency to choose the beautiful one. The Jaguar I-PACE is planning to appeal both car lover type; the people wants to smarter, the people wants to desirable one.

Moreover, the designers have the flexibility in terms of making what they want to do. Because an electric car should offer the freedom first, the rest of it can anything. The cab-forward design of Jaguar I-PACE reflects the change in the propulsion system. As you know, in previous times the cars have big engines therefore they have long bonnets. But now, they don’t have to have. In this way, the Jaguar I-PACE’s designers choose to express the car’s and the brand’s real value.

Just imagine. Imagination will take you away with this Jaguar.



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