Alain Ducasse and Richard Geoffroy are the best known personalities of French savior faire, moreover that are doyens of Gallic food and wine. They have known for each other for 25 years as a friend; they can complete each other’s sentences in any condition. Therefore they are the perfect match, just like a well wine and good french food.

While Ducasse and Geoffroy are resting in a suite at the InterContinental Hotel in Hong Kong, so Ducasse’s new seafood restaurant Rech’s home. Rech’s amazing menu contains also an exclusive P2 2000 Vintage, Dom Perignon’s.

Both a partnership and a friendship come with this surprising collaboration. Dom Perignon is a vintage brand of Champagne, it is not made in weak years, and all grapes used to make the wine were harvested in the same year. But the real reason of this collaboration is demonstrate the universality of Dom Perignon’s taste.

With Alain Ducasse cuisine and the taste of Dom Perignon, will suit together like their friendship. “It’s all about seduction in a sense, when we think about the menu,” says Ducasse. “We have adapted the DNA of French cuisine to the local Hong Kong produce — that was part of the challenge. That’s the beauty of it.”

This is the harmony…


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