After this article, you may want to look at a little bit more information about this. Because we will mention about famous musician Eric Clapton’s Californian House which was built by Japanese architect Arata Isozaki who is a designer of Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. This architectural masterpiece is located in just a little bit distance far away from California’s famous Venice Beach.

Eric Clapton had written these sentences in his autobiography “Situated one block from the mellow end of Venice Beach, it made a perfect bachelor pas and I loved it.” However, when the things are getting serious with Melia McEvery and the feeling of homesickness, they decided to turn back to England.

This house was bought by Eric Clapton in the late 1990s and then it was sold in 2004. Now the property returns to the market for nearly USD 5.5 million. The house has a grand room, triangular skylights, custom furnishings. And also there is still available the sound system which was installed by Eric Clapton’s himself.

According to the current owner Stephen Meadows, there is an unreleased 12 minutes solo classical instrumental record in the stereo written by Clapton. And this record is included with the sale. He says that it’s part of the home’s history.

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