Geneva – Frederique Constant Analytics is a revolutionary machine that measures the accuracy of mechanical watches. Previously, this machine only by watchmakers using professional instruments. But now, you can easily use that Frederique Constant Analytics for your watch collection.

To start measuring the heartbeat of the timepiece, the ingenious Analytics Clip must be placed on the watch and the user must launch the SwissConnect Analytics App, available for iOS and Android. Within seconds, Frederique Constant Analytics measures the accuracy of the watch. It measures the precision of mechanical watches, with an accuracy of at least ±0.2s/day.

Frederique Constant Analytics App

There are various reasons that the accuracy of a mechanical watch changes over time. Particularly the balance spring can change in strength from the micro-stresses to the metal they are made of. Also, watch escapements are lubricated with oils, and as those oils age, the rate of mechanical watch changes as well.


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