How could you be sure about the smell of the perfume before you try it? Is it about the appearance of the bottle? The awareness of the fragrance brands, or is it the advice of the environment? So think of a perfume, the brand you trust with a stylish bottle and apart from these, affecting you by an advertising video…

Instead of the smell, Kenzo perfume began to be spoken with his new ads all over the world. The clip begins with a girl who was so bored of the opening speech of a glorious invitation that she step into the hallway and begins to shade tears. The girl started to come alive with hysterical gestures where her legs and arms start to move in an uncontrolled manner. While she was dancing like she’s been taken by an invisible power she jumped trough the Kenzo world perfume logo and leaves the building. As the leading dancer in the clip we see Margaret Qualley, and the choreographer of the Sia’s clip, Ryon Heffington took place behind the camera.

It is stated that this video which has positive feedbacks from many critics is more successful than many videos moreover it is worthy of MTV rewards.

The new smell and commercial film by Kenzo will not be deleted from the memories.


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