Before you’re getting excited, we should say that it is still a project, but in fact, this is beyond your imagination.

Let me introduce you to luxury; Kokomo Ailand. Yes, you heard in a right way, it is an island but not entirely. This is a new concept yacht which is floating and semi-submersed with the comforts of a luxury villa. You can stay that it is a private floating habitat for luxury lovers.

Kokomo-Mobile Island

The owner’s penthouse suite is 260 feet above the sea level with two elevators, a jacuzzi, a private submarine. Although it is still a project, Kokomo can be completed in anytime thanks to the high technology. Again, with high technology, you can not know that Kokomo will get which features additionally. Because of that, its price will depend on your dreams in a way.

You know, dreams can be very expensive sometimes…


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