The Arnault family owns 74.1% of Christian Dior and dear billionaire Bernard Arnault holds a controlling stake in LVMH at the same time. Therefore, Arnault wants to unite the fashion house Christian Dior with perfume and other Dior brands. His next plan is to own the other part of Christian Dior and to sell Christian Dior Couture to LVMH for EUR 6.5bn.

Arnault is the richest man in France and chief executive of LVMH. LVMH has consisted of fashion use Louis Vuitton and champagne and cognac producer Moet Hennessy in 1987. After the participation of Christian Dior to LVMH absolutely will become more powerful in terms of economics, though.

LVMH-Bernard Arnault-Dior

Analysts and investors are content about this move because LVMH rose more than 4% to EUR 223.55 in a morning trade.

Paris-based Christian Dior has 198 stores worldwide, its proceeds EUR 2bn and it earned EUR 418m last year.


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