Cosmetic is always one of the most important detail for a young lady’s life, anyhow.

Women world vouch this anytime anywhere and for this, Italian fashion label Moshino and huge cosmetic brand Sephora compounded their powers and created this exclusive make-up collection. Moreover this collection is different from the others, each make-up pieces are surprisingly affordable and contains pretty little accessories.

The seven piece capsule collection contains a range of stunning pieces, each of them will look like the brand’s quintessential and much adorable bear. The whole set contains that three-piece brush set, a highlighter, a compact mirror, a lip gloss chain necklace, a mini palette shaped like a Moschino shopping bag, and super cute eye mask made of fluffy faux fur.

The most amazing and desirable piece is the oversized eyeshadow palette shaped like a bear with these words; “This is not a Moschino Toy”.

This exclusive Moschino x Sephora collection’s cost pieces is not over 70USD. This time, this fabulous and cool make-up set pretty affordable for the ones who couldn’t think of affording a Moschino till now.



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