The Noma was named the best restaurant in the world four times and now it caught the food with a local approach in Mexico’s Caribbean coast.

The restaurant has an outdoor kitchen it produces almost everything from corn to pumpkin. It has been seven weeks but accusations are getting bigger day by day. Why? Everything is perfect, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, the tasting menu at USD 600, plus 16% tax and 9% service fee; of course it is thought to provoke. Mexico’s minimum wage is less than USD 5 a day and many people live t the rate of poverty. Therefore many critics have started to say “it is gastronomical colonialism”. It can be true because charging USD 600 for a dinner is huge and you can’t afford such amount of money when your country lives economic imbalances and social crisis.

This restaurant can serve only foreign celebrities… Or if you have enough money for traveling and hanging around at the same time, you can try Noma in Mexico. So you can enjoy the Orientalist atmosphere and this, recommended and amazing menu in there.

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