No, you do not hear wrong, it is a player piano, moreover, it is the best player piano. New Spirit plays by itself and comes with a world-class music library to your home.

Steinway&Sons has been consecrated to creating unrivaled instruments of uncompromising expression, for over 160 years. Their new 2017 model baby – high-resolution player piano- permits you to enjoy performances captures by great pianists.

The Steinway Spirio presents a unique musical experience for your ears and it is nearly impossible to distinguish the sound from live performance. For this, a high-resolution software system is utilized along with solenoids (a current carrying coil of wine).

Steinway and Sons

Additionally, there is no mounted equipment visible on the piano. The only visible piece is the power cord. So when you get the perfect sound from you high-tech player piano, you do not need to make concessions from its exterior beauty.

The high-resolution playback system captures the balance between software and velocity. It is up to 1020 dynamic levels at a rate of up to 800 samples per second.


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