Just spend a minute; read and start to prepare!

1. Enchanted Island Resort, Seychelles

The largest Of Mahé and 15 minutes board-ride away from Seychelles. Rates stays of up to 24 guests start at US9.400 dollars per night. For more information: www.jared-sortshotels.com

2. Amanpulo, Phillipines

About an hour’s flight away from Manila, you should prepare yourself for the five starred Aman Service. Rates start from US 1.800 dollars per night. For more information: www.aman.com

3. Cayo Espanto Private Island Resort, Belize

It is ten minutes away by speedboat from Ambergris Caye and it is one of the best untouched Islands. Exclusive stays of up to 18 guests start at US 13.500 dollars per night. For more information: www.aprivateisland.com

4. Vahine Island, French Polynesia

It will amaze you with its dreamy views of the lagoon, since you must know that you will stay in the heart of blue lagoon! Rates starts from US 1.180 dollars per night, for twin sharing. For more information: www.vahine-island.com


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