Because of the war movies and tragic accidents in the past, submarines remind us dark places which contain numerous and buttons in front of the window. And also they are meaninglessly floating into the dark sea in our mind, you generally feel uncomfortable when thinking that you are in a submarine.

A Dutch company Ocean Submarine B.V has collaborated with Rolls-Royce, MTU, and Bosch to develop this luxury submarine that promises to offer underwater discovery in ultimate and bright comfort. So, meet the NEYK 9F Luxury Submarine, a 19 meters underwater vessel that took eight years of research and development to make.

Its interior area can be customized with furniture, ceiling panels and different types of paint. It has also comfortable seats, a bar, a library and a complete gallery. It is powered by diesel/electric underwater propulsion system, this submarine can carry as many as 20 passengers and can reach to depths of 150 meters. For now, anybody wants to think about its priceless price! Neck Submarine is due to be completed in January 2018.


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