We often talk about the most luxurious things which made us surprised. Each time we say “you don’t hear wrong!” phrase, but really, this time you don’t hear wrong! Because, when space tourism become possible, the first luxury space hotel will be ready.

If everything goes very well, Elon Musk will send two space tourists around the moon on his SpaceX rocket by next year. Actually, multi billionaires are pouring down their money for actualizing the space tourism, including Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic.

At this point, a space hotel should be there, right? For this, NASA recently had a competition for designing the most convenient space hotel for this. Then, a team of Massachusetts Institute of Technology students came on top in this competition. Moreover, this designed hotel could be used for Mars travelers one day… Valentina Sumini and her colleagues at the MIT designed the Managed, Reconfigurable, In-space Nodal Assembly, or MARINA which is a space station, contains a luxury hotel in space!

NASA made a prediction, if this station comes real, the operating costs will approximately 360 million USD per year, which is significantly cheaper than maintaining the International Space Station – it takes $3 billion per year to maintain it.

“MARINA’s flagship anchor tenant, a luxury Earth-facing eight-room space hotel complete with bar, restaurant, and gym, will make orbital space holidays a reality,” says Valentina Sumini.

Booking cost is approximately 5 million USD per person, this price will contain travel to and from the hotel.

Enjoy your space honeymoon.


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