Last few years was pretty successful for Dior. Now let’s take a look at these horological wonders for the sake of its 70th anniversary.

Of course, it is a meaningful memory production for Dior, because actually they are trying to make a reference the passing time with a lot of success stories. Because of this, Dior introduces us with the watches each bear a luxe golden touch that draws a not so subtle reference to the iconic saga of Dior.

La Mini D de Dior, as a part of the new collection, is renewed as well as the Dior VIII Montaigne. As for the former ones, the signature ribbon-bracelet pattern has been replicated again, but only this time with a thousand gold fibers. This watch will be released in two variants, one with a classic gold dial and another now is in teal for a one on one US appearance.

Besides, we have three different edition of the Dior VIII Montagne. They will also released with exclusively gold and each carries unique geometric shapes patterns with diamonds. This trio is just wonderful. Can you celebrate Dior’s 70th year with this way? Maybe you want to buy a present for yourself. In consequence of all things, the time is the most precious one…


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