You can catch a chance for experiencing the different tastes in this restaurant, moreover, we guarantee that you will love what you eat.

The Greenhouse plays host in Mayfair for two talented and amazing chefs; Arnaud Bignon and Parisian Akrane Benallal. While Bignon presented you a really different Greek inspired tzatziki alongside a mini taco, Benalla was preparing to please you. The Greenhouse is Arnaud Bignon’s second two Michelin Starred restaurant.

The Greenhouse - UK

The restaurant is famed for its magnificent wine collection since the owner, Marlon Abela is an oenophile of some dimensions. You can order a white asparagus -some of the first of the season- with aged ballot ham and parmesan which is paired with rich campo grande from Liguria. Or maybe you may try an aged beef fillet with an extraordinary dusting of cocoa butter and tartare wrapped in beetroot with a robust Bosques des Vapes 2014.

The Greenhouse - UK

The choice is yours, but you should experience it at least one time.


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