This time, we will present a historical hotel in New York, you can feel that you are at home when you savor the city center.

In the heart of New York, there is a place where the towers rise behind the glorious billboard lights. This place is The Knickerbocker Hotel. Once upon a time -when it was known as the 42nd Street Country Club-, this place was famous for doing honor to the notable people like F. Scott Fitzgerald, John D. Rockefeller, and tenor Enrico Caruso along with the other actresses, sports figures, political personalities and more.

Even if you can out side the glitz and glamour of the hotel’s historical significance and fame, The Knickerbocker Hotel is still a heaven for the travelers from all around the world. It has 33 guests rooms, a rooftop bar, two restaurants and a state-of-the art fitness center. This luxury property absolutely is the best establishment in the city.

If you are tired enough, you can jump to the king-sized white sheeted bed topped with a cotton blanket. Even if the place near the Times Square, it is still free of noise.

After a short nap, you can try the roof top bar where the martini was first blended in 1912. Also, the bar rises high above the lively streets below. Therefore you can enjoy the Times Square view as much as you like, especially at the New Year’s Eve celebration.

We are sure that when you go to the New York, you will want to back to The Knickerbocker Hotel.


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