There is a new bar in East London and we are sure that you can taste best cocktails in there! Because the cocktail Maestro Salvatore Calabrese opened his new venue; The Mule Bar. When you sitting in the pub, you can swing with sixties kinds of music at the same time. The menu includes Blue Hawaiian, Blue Caruçao which is the favorite of Elvis Presley, Pink Squirrel which made with almond liquor, Creme de cacao which contains fresh cream and cinnamon and Horse’s Neck is made with gin and ginger ale. You can enjoy this amazing tastes, although they seem ordinary, first, you can taste! Now we are ready to give the secret recipe for an amazing and tasty Martini. Do not forget the rule after your recipe is done; do not drink alone, drink it with a nice chat.

The perfect Martini from Calabrese’s ingredients:
3oz/9cl gin or vodka from the freezer
Recommended Stoli Elis Vodka or Plymouth Gin
2 dashes
Martini extra dry Vermouth
Lemon twist

The Mule Bar-Salvatore Calabrese

When you prepare it; first put the martini glass in the freezer alongside a bottle of good quality gin or vodka. The glass should be in there for at least 20 minutes. While it is getting colder, pour some fresh vermouth into a small bottle or shaker. Vermouth should be fresh. Then prepare the lemon twists. When you ready to make a drink, take the freezer glass and bottle and pour 8cl of it. Next, dash just 2-3 drops of the Vermouth over the surface. Take the lemon twist a spritz over the surface and it is ready. Bon appetite!


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