As you know, Vertu is famous of its luxurious mobile phones. Even if the company live some operational changes in it recently, it is staggeringly expensive mobile phones do not change.

This Android phone takes into consideration of the travelers a lot, and also it takes the attention by the luxurious addicts. It has 5.5-inch size, 2560*1440 pixel resolution, and 538 PPI. It gets strength from Snapdragon 820 central processing unit; it has 4 GB Ram and 128 GB storage area. The Phone has not the intention which contains letting down its owner, because of its USB-C and wireless charge system. It is durable against the scratches, thanks to its sapphire details.

Vertu - Android

It comes with the Android 6.0.1 specialized version but, it is not certain that the phone will run the 7.01. It will be released to the marked in the late February. We can predict already now; it will cost a bomb.


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